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I got in on GERN today and made about $580 (thanks to your and Chris’s teachings of course).

Ryan M

You guys truly trump any other teachers that I have encountered. Your strategy payed for itself in the first two trades.

Anthony G

Thank you for getting back to all my emails and questions so quickly. I’m blown away at the support you offer. It’s also an inspiration to see your travels and trading success.

Irene T

Finally I’ve found someone “down to earth” to help with my trading. After being burned by a few gurus I was extremely skeptical of your program, but in the end really glad I joined! Thanks!

Mostafa I

I am impressed with your work ethic and giving back to the community attitude. You are truly a role model and I look forward to navigating these uncharted waters with your guidance.

Glenn L

Thank you Nikki and Chris for putting this course together. I’ve struggled to find success in my trading for years, and I’ve seen more improvement in the past two weeks than the prior two years! You guys really care about your students and that shows.

Selina M