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A Unique Finance Solution That Gives You a Competitive Edge

With financing from £100, afforditNOW allows your customers to spread the cost of payment on purchases

Offer credit on more typical order values and across a wider proportion of your product range.

With afforditNOW’s flexible finance, you can be confident in a credit solution that doesn’t impact your profit margins while you offer your customers the most competitive pricing.

Find out how afforditNOW gives you a competitive edge
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Secure More Customers,
Grow Basket Sizes,
Increase Average Orders

Help your customers to afford new purchases by letting them spread the cost

afforditNOW’s range of finance solutions will help you reduce basket abandonment rates and secure more customers. At the same time your customers can afford the items they want, helping you boost basket sizes and increasing your average order value by up to 300%

Find out how afforditNOW can help your business grow
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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

A range of finance solutions to meet the varying needs of your business and your customers

At afforditNOW we recognise the need to provide solutions that give you and your customers flexibility and security.

Whether you sell online, in-store or over the phone, we have fully automated and secure finance solutions to fit your business and your customer’s needs.

Our range includes: Interest Free, Buy Now Pay Later, Interest Bearing Credit and our unique Flexible Finance which lets your customers choose the repayment terms that suit them.

Choose afforditNOW and Watch Your Retail Sales Grow – 513-270-1738 today!